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aluminum profile of Crystal steel
aluminum profile of office screen
aluminum profile of powder supply
aluminum profile of doors and wi
aluminum profile of carema
aluminum heatsink
industrial aluminum profile
aluminum profile of lighting box
Guangzhou Weibang Aluminium Co.,Ltd
TEL: +86-020-86735811,020-86735812
FAX: +86-020-86735066
E-MAIL: 888@wbly.net
WEB: http://www.wbly.net
Guangzhou Weibang Aluminum CO.,LTD is located in Guangfo economic center, convenient transportation, and information developed. The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters with the total number of Aluminum production lines, the existing staff of more than 500 people, mainly production: lighting, furniture, household appliances, radiators, advertising style equipment, electrical machinery equipment, electrical aluminum ladders, Shediemen , Geduanmen, closet doors, bathroom, furniture screen series Aluminum raw materials, and various surface treatments and deep processing, color include: bronze series, silver series, Titanium series, champagne series, imitation stainless steel series.

Wei from Chinese pinyin for the trademark "W" and "B" composed of "W" is divided into two parts, material and moral in the new environment after the change, symbol of aluminum products formed after processing through this process; the letter "B" with silver-grey, more metallic, that product type!

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